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Do I really need a custom software solution for my business?

Many business owners believe that custom software is only for large organizations.

Do you recognize your business with any of these questions?

- Do you wish your staff can handle more tasks with fewer efforts so your clients are server faster?

- Is your business relying on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and other seperate programs or no programs at all and do things manually?

- Would you like to improve the overall efficiency of your organization and save valuable time and money?



One of the greater challenges in todays businesses is to track customer information, quotes, sales orders, ordering of material to fulfill the customer order, shop floor work orders, inventory management, shipping/receiving and money flow.

Unfortunately, many organizations are covered under piles of paperwork that were generated by Excel spreadsheets or other programs, or, even worse, handwritten documents to 'track' critical business information.


All these seperate programs or methods run independantly from each other and do not communicate like a custom written software application coupled with a solid database.

Last but not least, you likely need more staff to get the job done at a higher cost.


Our 3-step process.

"Think outside the box", you probably heard that before.

Out of the box software can have all the bells and whistles, however, if you are unable to manage the business critical information what purposes does it serve you?

At Delta Solutions we work with a 3-step process;

1) Understand where you are at and how you currently run your business

2) Understand what information is expected by each department/employee as this determines what information must be gathered and processed

3) Creating a strategy to develop an effective custom software solution that works for your organization


Turn a challenge into reality.

Together with you we will decide what the requirements are; topics we will discuss include;

- Reduction of paperwork

- Automate processes such as automated confirmation by e-mail or fax

- Generating shop floor work orders, quotes and sales invoices

- Inventory Management

- Scheduling of staff

- Barcode scanning of products

The above list are examples of how we can improve the overall efficiency of your staff and increase the productivity of your employees.


Key to success.

A customized software application is not something we develop overnight; it requires careful planning and communication with you.

The best approach is to develop the application in modules, implement each module, train the users and continue with the next one.

This approach will support the users working with the new application and show them how they can perform more tasks faster.


Custom software solutions from Delta Solutions offers unparalleled efficiency between human resources, computers, production (equipment) and software.

So please give us a call if you wish to start saving money; 403 357 3319 or visit us at


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