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Do you charge us annual license renewal fees?

What is a database?

Is a customized application difficult to use?


Do you charge us annual license renewal fees is the number one question we hear.

A big ticket item that competitors will charge you are annual licence renewal fees.

So, you have decided to purchase their software solution for your business and year after year you are required to pay money just so you can continue to use their software; makes sense?

No, not really. That is why Delta Solutions Ltd. does not charge annual license renewal fees.

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What is a Database?

A database (central storage of data) is an organized collection of information that a computer uses for storing, retrieving and displaying your data.

The information will be saved in the database using forms (the windows or screens) that the user will see in the application.

The user can retrieve (by querying or questioning) any combination of information that is stored in the database to either be viewed, changed, printed or transmitted by automated fax or e-mail for example.

Examples of databases are your bank account information, vehicle maintenance records at your local dealerhip, account information at utility providers, etcetera.


As your business continues to grow and develop, it is desired that your organisation can share information between departments and/or branches.

This will not only increase the overall efficiency but also guarantees your staff has access to the same piece of information at the same time instead of documents being transferred from one department to the other.

A database will provide these services to all users who are granted access; either staff within your office or field staff like Sales Representatives through the use of Internet.

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Is a customized application difficult to use?

An application written specifically for you has your fingerprints all over it because we develop the application based on your requirements and business model.

You do not have to be a computer expert to use our application; menus are easy to navigate and provides you the speed and functionality you require to operate your business for today and in the future.

Custom applications can also be changed at any given time when your business expands only when you want it and when you need it; "ready-to-use" software on the shelf comes as is and often cannot be changed afterwards.

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