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About Delta Solutions Ltd.

Delta Solutions was founded in 2005 by owner and President, Ad Karsten, who graduated in Europe in Carpentry, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Ad has worked in the Information Technology industry for 20 years and held positions such as Field Service Engineer, Field Service Manager, Purchase Officer, Warehouse Supervisor & Inventory Controller, Customer Service Manager and Logistics Manager for one of the worlds largest computer manufacturers.


After immigrating to Canada in 2001, he joined Canada's largest furniture manufacturer in Winnipeg to become their Production Scheduler and Demand Planner.

In 2004 he joined western Canada's leading cabinet manufacturer in Red Deer as Logistics Manager.

Dating back to graduation in 1984, Ad started programming in assembly code with one of the first processors on the consumer market and after his graduation, the passion for programming was born.

Throughout the years many applications and tools were developed in MS DOS, Basic, dBase, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Visual Studio 6 and currently using the MS .NET platforms in conjuction with MS SQL Server.


Our Vision.

Our focus will always be customer driven as it is very important to us that the software we develop works for you! After all it's your business.

Delta Solutions' main focus is development of custom applications which means we can develop exactly what you need in your organization.

Clients often have little or no computer experience and may not know exactly what they are looking for or what can be developed for them.

The in-depth knowledge and unique background of Delta Solutions' owner Ad Karsten, brings endless possibilities to the table as he understands how your employees think and work.

Creating an application is not just typing code; it's the understanding of your wants and needs.


The technology is here.

Do you wish to be in touch with tomorrow's technology?

Please contact us to find out more and receive a no obligation consultation and quote.

We will gladly arrange a demonstration of existing applications and will provide you with detailed information about how we can assist you and your business becoming more effecient and boost your customer service experience.


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